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Agonman es un pequeño juego inspirado en una imagen estática de Edwin Van del Heuvel (con su permiso) junto con algun gfx modificado del juego Agony ,excepto el Buho y como homenaje a Agony/Psygnosis. Todo comenzó como experimento usando el game maker REDPILL de Zener y creado en 16 colores para Amiga AGA.

Recolecta logos Psygnosis, evita enemigos, encuentra una salida y destruye a los jefes finales acompañado de una magnífica banda sonora de Zoltar.

Se ofrece dos versiones. Una para emulador/winuae JIT-inmediate blitter-fastet possible. Otra para Amiga AGA real, jugable en 68020+FAST mem. En HD o WHDLoad. Ambas versiones se pueden jugar en emulador o Amiga real. Siento no poder hacer ADF.

Las versiones HD las puedes descomprimir directamente a la FAST RAM, es muy cómodo y funciona bien, aunque se borrará al resetear.

Agonman is a small game inspired by a static image of Edwin Van del Heuvel (with his permission) with some modified gfx from the game Agony, except for the Owl and as a tribute to Agony/Psygnosis. It all started as an experiment, using the Zener REDPILL game maker and created in 16 colours for Amiga AGA.

Collect Psygnosis logos, avoid enemies, find the exit and destroy the final bosses, accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack by Zoltar.

Two versions are offered. One for emulator, another for real Amiga AGA,  in HD or WHDLoad. Both versions can be played on emulator or Amiga real. Sorry I can't do ADF.

HD versions can be uncompressed directly to FAST RAM, it's easy and works well, although it will be deleted on reset.

Sorry translation error, DeepL

Video real Amiga 1200 68020 - fastram

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Nice game! Unfortunately, I can only confirm the graphic errors in the game with WinUAE. In addition, the game clearly seems to run too fast with 68060 emulation, at least during the gameplay. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:59:29. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Nice game!
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Thanks for uploading video Saberman. No graphical corruption in winuae 4.4.0. You can jump vertically, and in the air move right or left.


Unfortunately, in winuae 4.10.0 there were errors in graphics like the ones on the title screen of the game.